Korn – The Paradigm Shift


Eight years on from Brian ‘Head’ Welch’s bizarre departure from the band, Korn have reunited with the well missed guitarist and returned with their 11th studio album. Following the more electronic and dub step direction of their previous album The Path Of Totality, The Paradigm Shift still carries forward the electronic aspect and gives the impression that Korn may have chosen this new direction to be a permanent one. However opening with the bounce of Prey For Me, the album shows that Korn have not lost touch completely with their signature sound. Brian Welches returning guitar tones echo similar sounds dating back to the bands defining Issues album and will prove great reassurance amongst older fans of the band. One thing that hits you instantly is that there are grooves pouring out of every track on The Paradigm Shift, most noticeably on tracks such as Mass Hysteria, Love & Meth and What We Do. The lead single Never Never left fans a bit bemused thinking that with Brain Welch back in the band it would be identical to the old Korn sound again. However on listening to the album in full the song fits perfectly amongst the others. Jonathan Davies lays down his inner dark thoughts and emotions in the mid-tempo Lullaby For A Sadist, not too dissimilar sounding from the bands mid 90’s period. It’s fair to say Korn are taking their own path and not being swayed by critics or fan reactions, maybe the key to their longevity is their diverse approach with each album release. This may be another step further away from their fans expectations, but it proves that Korn are still relevant in 2013 and continue to cause great discussion and admiration. 7


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